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Open, Check-in, Check-out, Create new blog post & co operations in IE employ the "SharePoint.OpenDocuments.3" ActiveX component. WssFirefox copies IE behavior in Firefox by wrapping this COM objects into a scriptable Add-in and making necessary changes to SharePoint scripts to call this Add-in.

The solution consist of two parts:
  • Server Side Component is responsible for injecting Firefox specific activation. Injection is controlled via a Site Collection level feature.
Then the feature is activated and a Firefox user navigates to the site it prompts he/she to install an extension. Extension package (.xpi) itself is also uploaded by the feature to the portal - so it can be easily located by the target user.
  • Client Side Component is installed on the client machine as a Firefox extension. It transfers all calls to the Office client integration component, which in turns open office correctly, performs check-in/check-out and other operations. Such scheme ultimately requires 'SharePoint Client Integration Tools' from Office package to be installed too.

Compilation Instructions

1. Download and unpack XUL Runner SDK. XUL Runner SKD (aka Gecko SDK) should be available for download here:
After unpacking the SDK folders should be
- for Firefox 3.6 - GeckoSDK.v.

2. Also to compile Wssfirefox you will need Office 2007 Sharepoint Client Tools package installed on your computer.

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